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Geuze & Champagne promotion 2021

To celebrate the end of the restoration, the champagne promotion was expanded with the launch of a unique ‘Oude Geuze Villa Servais’.

The new capsule and label for this festive edition shows a detail of the restored terracotta cello. This musical instrument was central to the life of François Servais and in his special residence. The sculpture was created by Cyprien Godebski in 1864 and fully restored in 2021. The selected champagne from the Sandrin family wine estate in Celles-sur-Ources has been aged for three years in 200-year-old cellars. The champagne is composed of 100% Pinot noir grapes.

The proceeds from the champagne and geuze sales will be used for the gilding of the sculptures in the facade in 2022. The sale of the Misia CD supports the two concerts in the Misia year 2022.


For the ‘Oude Geuze Villa Servais’, the Boon family, together with Maud and Geert, selected the lambics for this assembly. A basic young lambic was chosen to which three-year-old lambic matured in small oak barrels was added. The old lambics from these barrels underpin the oak character in the taste.

Jos, Frank, Karel Boon, and Maud & Geert