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Misia 150 years

150 years of Misia 1872-2022

Misia Godebska was the granddaughter of the Halse cellist François Servais.
As a child she lived in the Villa Servais in Halle. She later became the muse of many great artists in Paris, such as Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec, Diaghilev, Picasso, Cocteau or Proust. She was a close friend of Coco Chanel and inspired numerous composers.

Villa Servais, vzw Servais and cc ‘t Vondel joined forces for a festive program on the occasion of Misia’s 150th birthday.

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Concert in de gerestaureerde muziekzaal van Villa Servais

March 30 – French version – 7:00 pm – €85 (passed)

With welcome drink before and afterwards reception and snacks for Misia’s birthday.

In the restored music hall of Villa Servais, exactly on Misia’s 150th birthday, Julie Depardieu plays the role of Misia with musical support from flutist Juliette Hurel and pianist Hélène Couvert. They perform compositions from Misia’s entourage.

The Belgian (Neck)-Polish Misia Sert became a symbol for women’s emancipation thanks to her attractiveness and charming. Satie dedicated his Morceaux en forme de poire, Ravel La Valse, to her, and Stravinsky presented her with a score of the Sacre du Printemps. Their music takes center stage during this special performance in which Julie Depardieu introduces us to this illustrious lady through astonishing, moving and funny anecdotes.

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Concert in de nieuw aangelegde tuin van Villa Servais

June 06 – Dutch version – 7.30 pm – €30

With reception after the narration.

Together with Katharina Smets, the Revue Blanche ensemble delves into the glorious and tragic life of Misia, the queen of the Parisian salons, as well as broken dreams and unmasked love. Misia’s life reflects the artistic, cultural and social history of France and Belgium in 1900. Her life full of glory and tragedy, her artistic network and searing musical passion are the common thread during this performance.

Radio maker Katharina Smets, together with musicologist Sofie Taes and composer Frederik Neyrink, will be looking for who Misia really was. They want to understand the zeitgeist, with everything that was going on at the time on a political, social and cultural level. Misia guides them from the early modern avant-garde to the present: which stories and works of art prove relevant to us? Which treasures do we absolutely want to share with the public and which stories must be passed on? The journey in the footsteps of Misia Sert takes them from Halle via Brussels to Paris.

In collaboration with Vzw Servais and cc ‘t Vondel.