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Welcome to the virtuoso world of Villa Servais. Dream away in one of the eight luxurious rooms of our guest house and plan a meeting with our rich history. Breathe in the authentic atmosphere of the past, discover unique Belgian taps from the beginning of the 20th century in the bathrooms of the B&B, relax by the fireplace in the lounge of the guest house and the library Ernest Van Dijck on the first floor with a view of the Halse basilica and enjoy the contemporary comfort in this restored 19the century villa in neo-palladian style.



Experience the history of Villa Servais by staying in the room that bears the name of the traveling cellist and composer who incorporated his impressions from all over the world into his music and his phenomenal residence. 



Enjoy a unique stay at Villa Servais and opt for an unforgettable overnight stay in room Sophie. This space is dedicated to Sophie Feygin, the Russian wife of François Servais.



With its 36.36 m², the Marie-Henriette suite is the largest guest room in Villa Servais and is entirely dedicated to Marie-Henriette, the second Queen of the Belgians and wife of King Leopold II.



The spacious deluxe room ‘Joseph’ is located on the second floor of Villa Servais and owes its name to the youngest son of François Servais and Sophie Feygin.

Franz Liszt

Room Franz Liszt is a spacious room on the second floor. The name unmistakably gives an artistic nod to the renowned Hungarian pianist and composer Franz Liszt, who was a regular guest at Villa Servais and a friend of the family.


Cyprien is the smallest room in the guest house of Villa Servais but exudes the creative character of Cyprien Godebski , the Franco-Polish sculptor who was married to Sophie Servais and who played an important role in the immortalization of Adrien François Servais.


Would you like to breathe in the musical atmosphere that the 19th century Villa Servais is so characteristic? Then book the room Franz, a deluxe space in the guest house built around the eldest son of Sophie Feygin and Adrien François Servais.


Experience the enchanting atmosphere of Villa Servais and book an overnight stay in ‘ Misia ‘. This luxurious room is built around the granddaughter of Adrien François Servais and Sophie Feygin. She was a gifted pianist and became the muse of numerous Parisian artists.