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Villa Servais is a magical place in Halle where history, culture and inspiring encounters come together.

The imposing villa was built in 1847 for cellist and composer François Servais. Jean-Pierre Cluysenaar designed this architectural gem in Neo-Palladian style. After the death of the well-known musician, the villa in Halle was given various uses. From 1981 the villa stood empty and six years later the building was saved from the demolition hammer when it was classified as a ‘protected heritage’.


François Servais

François Servais was born on 6 June 1807 in Halle, the son of cobbler Jean-Baptiste Servais and housewife Joséphine Bande. From childhood it turned out that he had an exceptional musical talent. He was a member of the church orchestra and was discovered by Marquis Jules de La Croix de Chevrières de Sayve who introduced him to Corneille Vander Plancken, the first violinist of the orchestra of the Royal Mint Theatre In Brussels. Thanks to him and the French cellist Nicolas Platel, he had the opportunity to further develop his special gift.

Een nieuw hoofdstuk

In 2016, a new page was added to the villa’s rich history when the De Poorter-Leschevin family purchased the building as a private project. After a complete restoration with the emphasis on authenticity and experience, Villa Servais will once again become the ideal meeting place. The location includes a private home, a guesthouse with eight luxurious rooms, a cozy tearoom and an authentic exhibition and culture space.

Or how Villa Servais brings people together again…

Authenticiteit bij restauratie

In 2016, the De Poorter-Leschevin family became the owners of Villa Servais. What was started rashly has become a life project. The family wants to restore the imposing villa of cellist and composer François Servais to its 19th century grandeur through intensive restoration work and to give the building a new place in Halse society and far beyond. In the restoration file that was submitted to the Agency for Immovable Heritage, Maud and Geert expressed it as follows:

"Er zal een ruimte zijn voor tentoonstellingen en andere culturele activiteiten, maar ook een bed and breakfast is mogelijk en dan is er nog voldoende plaats om een privéwoning in te richten. Zo krijgt het gebouw al zijn functies van vroeger terug." 

Geert and Maud engaged the architectural firm Helon and contractor Arthur Vandendorpe to help realize the project.

The villa will be completely renovated with an eye for every 19th century historical detail and equipped with all modern comforts.